Mid-Range Michiana Users Group

Meeting Schedule

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Thursday April 18, 2019:

TOPIC: Security Roundtable

 At this roundtable we will discuss security concerns and methods to provide sercurty for your users, infrastructure, netowrk, and data.

Please join us and share your experiences.

Some discussion topics are

What  security training do you provide, or should you provide to your users?
Physical security of your hardware.
·         How are you protecting your infrastructure?
Network security
What do you do if there is a breach?

What inhibitors are you facing regarding to imoplementing and funding security measures?

2019 MRMUG meeting Schedule

April 18, 2019 -   Security
May 16, 2019  -   MICS Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services
July 18, 2019 -     Mobile application modernization

August 15 2019 - Roundtable (discussion: RDi follow-up, Selling your IBM vision to                      management, inhibitors)

Please register before noon on the day before the meeting